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1.  How to change the Vista shutdown "sleep" option to "turn off computer"

Why did Microsoft choose to make the default action when you go to turn off your computer “SLEEP?” Maybe since the main complaint about Windows since day one has been that it takes forever to boot and to shut down, MS just decided to put the system to sleep and make it seem quicker to start and stop? Ha. Nice try Microsoft. All you’ve managed to do is to introduce another set of problems. You probably already know what those are or you wouldn’t be here in the first place.

Let’s just change the default setting so you don’t have to change it manually every time you turn off the computer:

In Control Panel look for the “System and Maintenance” group.  Select “Power Options.” In the list of “Preferred plans,” click on the “Change plan settings” link.

In the “Change Plan Settings” dialog box which appears, click on the “Change advanced power settings” link.

In the dialog box which appears, expand the “Power buttons and lid” branch, and then expand the “Start menu power button” and in the drop-down list of options that appears, select “Shut down.”

Click on the [Apply] button, then click on the [OK] button. Close the remaining windows to exit the control panel applet.

Now next time you select Shutdown in the Start menu, the default action for the Shutdown dialog box will actually be Shutdown.


2.  Here is how to Disable the Windows Vista User Access Control message.  Here is a registry hack to turn User Access Control off  ( (right click, save target as on DisableUACforAdmin.reg), then double click it.  You will not have to enter the registry with this small .reg file as it will automatically change the location in the registry for those of you who are uncomfortable working in the registry.  I use this registry hack on my Windows Vista computers and do not get the annoying message saying that I'm not safe.   If you feel you should have it after turning it off, here is another .reg file to re-enable the UAC ( (right click, save target as on Re-EnableUACforAdmin..), then double click it.


***  Here is a great video on how to do this.  ***


***  Visit How-To-Geek for easy screen shot views  ***



3.  Useful information for Windows 7 users. 


Visit the Windows 7 Useful Information page



4.  Useful information for Windows 8 users.


Visit the Windows 8 Useful Information page



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