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Some people have been helped with phone calls, they are not shown here unless they sent me an email.


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Wednesday 30 December 2009


Whoa ! This is huge, do you know how many new reserve people ask me where to go to install their CAC readers, etc? One stop shopping is the answer and this is it. Saved as a favorite. Will share link far and wide, thank you!


Thanks for your timely response. You may not know this but, you are known throughout the Army community as the go to guy for CAC issues. I'm a reservist and my active duty friends recommended you for a quick  response to issues.  So, you've got more 'responsibility' than perhaps you even knew about.....




Wednesday 30 December 2009

There is so much I could say about Chief Danberry, but it would take to long. I met the Chief looking for assistance to the CAC installation, and he not only took the call, but stayed over 2 1/2 hours solving the problem!!!!

I have no words to express my gratitude; in this computer age, for those of us who are forced to learn them, it is a oasis in the desert to meet people like Chief Danberry who are willing to go the extra mile to help us.

He definitely has a beer paid when he comes to Puerto Rico!



Tuesday 29 December 2009


Chief!  Excellent web instructions!  We are getting ready to deploy and several folks have purchased laptops with WIN 7 on them.  You have solved our problems at last!  Thanks a million!




Tuesday 29 December 2009

I solved it Sir!  The Mac sheet (from your site) that explained CAC use with the 3310 reader was amazing and I never imagined that I could CAC login to AKO with Safari.



Tuesday 29 December 2009

Thanks again for your help -- it's refreshing compared to the people I've come across who try to figure out how to do less than they have to instead of more.



Monday 28 December 2009

Just a quick note to say a BIG Thank You! for providing the tutorial at

I work for DoD, and I had no problem using my CAC on my Linux Machine, but I just bought an iMac, and the information you have provided is exactly what I was searching for.  Thanks for all the work that was put into creating this site (now a bookmark).



Monday 28 December 2009

I appreciate this resource and used it to get my PureEdge with Approve It up and running at home and the office.  Thanks. 



Monday 28 December 2009


Your website has been very helpful to both the faculty and students at the US C & GS college



Capt SC (USAF)

Sunday 27 December 2009


Chief, I love your site.




Saturday 26 December 2009


I have a MacBook Pro, and that MAC guide you have is a lifesaver, it works outstanding, I thank you for your site and all the work you put into it, it is very much appreciated.



CAPT AL (Navy)

Monday 21 December 2009


Thank you for consolidating this information.




Friday 18 December 2009

I just want to provide an AAR for the CAC card problem we were working on.  After having my CAC card inspected by the ID processing department on Ft. McPherson, I successfully logged and registered my CAC with AKO using a computer at the library there.  Upon returning home, I still was having a problem with the reader.  After consulting with CAC reader manufacturer and running a diagnostic, they agreed to send another reader.  Upon receiving it today, I plugged it in and everything worked as per all of the instructions provided on the CAC site.  Thank you very much for all of your patient assistance.



Thursday 17 December 2009


Great Site and thanks for maintaining it.




Wednesday 16 December 2009


Thanks again for your help on the CAC.  It is working perfectly.



Chief JR

Saturday 12 December 2009


I'm a huge fan and appreciate the KISS setup instructions.  Completed my GemPlus Lenovo CAC Reader installation via my laptop Express Card slot with Vista.  Located ActivClient 6.1...too easy.




Monday 7 December 2009

Thanks for the quick reference page!!



Saturday 5 December 2009

Excellent website.  You saved me lots of time.  I'm trying to load ActivClient on Windows 7 (32-bit, running on a Mac w/ VMWare Fusion 3).  Am anxious to hear if the Army will be offering a *free* version so that I can use my CAC reader...  Would love to know when you hear back from the Army on that.   I appreciate all your work on this, you've saved me hours and hours!



Friday 4 December 2009

It worked. I am registered and online.  Great site, couldn't have tackled the set up without it.


CDR DB (Navy)

Friday 4 December 2009


Your website is awesome and I am so glad our unit IT folks forwarded it to me



Capt SR (USAF)

Monday 30 November 2009


Great site, Chief!  AF Portal going CAC-only early Jan, needed to transition from password to CAC on my Mac  With your site and a new doc from AF I got it (Snow Leopard & SCR3310!) 



Ms AC (Contractor)

Monday 30 November 2009


Love your instructions (THANK YOU). 



This was sent to my Supervisors at my unit.


Friday 27 November 2009

I am a reserve component Soldier of 34 years (4 to 5 years active, the rest RC).  I have had computer problems for YEARS; kidding.  This had been going on since the advent of the CAC. The problem has not been the use of an on site military computer but a personal laptop.  I could not sign any documents!!!!

 This is most difficult when you are a unit commander, even as a reserve Soldier.  As you know a commander will work far more than just regular weekend drills, so signing documents is paramount. I live about 725 miles from my unit.  Add to this a military laptop computer that wasn't always working plus the nearest Army Reserve unit in excess of 150 miles over the Sierra Nevadas; not an easy task to sign any documents.

 I am computer savvy and countless times installed and un-installed all the AKO programs. I followed directions as time permitted but the best I could do was to log into AKO. I had people help out but nothing really worked, most did not have the time to truly help. This became such a problem that my supervisors were becoming quite annoyed. I am an Army Bandmaster, our OER's are signed by our first line which is normally a Division Chief of Staff, then the OER is signed of by a Major General.  These are not people that one should annoy.

 It's all better now...   I would like to give a REAL Warrant Officer AT-A-BOY to one of your soldiers, CW3 Michael Danberry. This guy is a gem!!! We spent a total of 39:35 and 37:48 respectively on cell phones and his personal time the day after Thanksgiving! Mr. Danberry has gone well above and beyond duty to help out an old timer. His work ethic and demeanor and extreme willingness to help was (IS) THE best.

 Please thank him...I owe this man a few beers.



Thursday 26 November 2009


Sir, Thank you for helping set up my CAC reader!   Your explanation and step by step directions were high speed, low drag!

I will definitely recommend your website to my Soldiers.




Monday 23 November 2009


Just wanted to say thanks.  I purchased a MacBook Air and everyone told me I couldn't get my work e-mail through my CAC, with your help I was able to get it done.  I upgraded to Snow Leopard and did the updates and everything worked perfectly.  Thank you again for all your support!  I will let fellow Mac users know about your site.  Cheers!




Thursday 19 November 2009


Thanks for maintaining your website I've used it successfully several times and I appreciate the work that you do to keep it up.




Monday 9 November 2009

Just wanted to say a big thanks for making this page, definitely made things a lot easier (I had a hell of a time trying to install it a couple years ago when Vista came out before I got frustrated and gave up having CAC on my personal computer).



Monday 9 November 2009

I was getting the ďNull pointer dereferencedĒ error and your Cure 3 got it running again.  This page you created is great, especially for Reservists like me who canít run to the network guy every time I have an issue.

 Thanks, and thanks especially for keeping the page updated.



Saturday 7 November 2009


Thanks for the website.  It has been a real lifesaver for those of us in the Reserves that can't call a HQ techy person for help during the weekend / nights.




Friday 6 November 2009

I am a USNR O-3 who joined the reserves from active duty and I want to tell you that has been THE most helpful resource I have found.

      Throughout my transition, while dealing with recruiters, reserve units, reserve support units, and the active duty component, I received absolutely no help in setting up my CAC reader on my personal computer--an absolute necessity for a naval reservist.  In fact, everyone I asked sent me to various websites for help, none of which were accessible without a CAC reader.

         I stumbled upon and found it to be the only helpful resource in my transition.  Your site guided me through every step of the way, including directing me to get ActivClient and my certificates from my unit (which no one else had ever told me to do) because the Navy doesn't put it on our version of AKO.  Not only did give me step by step instructions (including Navy-specific instructions), but your site gave me help when I encountered a common error (vbscript) that was totally foreign to me. 

           I will be telling everyone in my unit about from now on--including new reservists as they arrive.  Thank you for building the only helpful CAC resource I have found in the past year.



Friday 6 November 2009

I want to thank you for posting all this information about using Approve It, Pure Edge, and Active Client on the Internet.  I am a National Guardsman living out of driving distance from DOIM support at the state HQ.  Your extensive site has helped me solve all of my issues of having to sign my OERs with my CAC card.  Until I found your website, I had no idea how I would sign my OER.  Your instructions made it very easy for me to troubleshoot and fix my Active Client and ApproveIt issues.  Thank you once again. 



Friday 26 November 2009

Thanks to you I got my password changed.  Thank you again for your patience and your help.


Thursday 5 November 2009

I want to thank you and the CPT that put together the concise and helpful information.  The pictures / screen shots made getting the CAC working a breeze.  I was flabbergasted when I went back to AKO and it just opened from my MAC book.  I am looking forward to getting the ability to access DTS and sign forms.  I am only good for one computer session at a time, but if you have it worked out I am confident I will get it working on my computer.  I think I could even show someone else how to do it.  My thanks.  I am so pleased not to have to update passwords every 3 months.  I have bookmarked your page so I can get there again.




Wednesday 4 November 2009


Thanks for setting up!




Friday 30 October 2009


Thanks for al of your great work.




Friday 30 October 2009


Thanks for the info!  Removing the Registry entry fixed the issue.  Keep up the good work.




Thursday 29 October 2009


I recently found your page and learned quite a bit. This truly is the best site on the internet for "Mackers."  I'm telling all of my friends.




Wednesday 28 October 2009


Thanks for the wonderful Windows 7 resource!




Tuesday 27 October 2009


I'm writing to thank you again for your assistance last year in getting my CAC installed.  In fact, because of a virus issue, I had to reimage my laptop yesterday.  I just finished reinstalling my CAC reader, Pure Edge, and Approve It software per your posted instructions and I DID NOT NEED YOUR ASSISTANCE!!  That's got to be progress.  Thanks for working out the bugs with Vista.  Are there any anticipated problems migrating to Windows 7?



Capt BH (USMC)

Monday 26 October 2009


Thanks for your help, my CAC reader is working great now!!




Sunday 25 October 2009


Thanks for the help.  I uninstalled ApproveIt 5.9 and installed ApproveIt 5.7.3 software and it worked fine.  I will let other people in the unit know about your site.




Saturday 24 October 2009

I wanted to share with you that your site is one of the best help sites I've ever utilized.  Because of your easy to follow step by step directions, I was able to install my CAC, pure edge, and Approve It on my computer with no issues.  You also provided excellent customer service assistance over the phone when I called you to inquire about antivirus software.  I have already saved your website under my favorites and I will recommend everyone that I know to seek you for assistance! Thanks again for all of your help!


ET3 SS (Navy)

Thursday 22 October 2009

Just wanted to drop you a line and "Thank You" again for the assistance on getting my CAC card reader up and running. I will share your web site with any of my shipmates who are experiencing trouble with their readers.



Tuesday 20 October 2009


I just wanted to let you know that this site was extremely helpful! I'm not that computer literate and you made the steps easy even for me! thanks a lot and keep up the good work Chief!




Friday 16 October 2009


I appreciate you calling me back on your time off last night.  Thanks a million.....I'll relay the website to the Fort Sill IT Guys.

Thanks for all the help and information.




Thursday 15 October 2009

Chief, that's one heck of a website you've got going on there.  I found it trying to research the problems Snow Leopard has with CAC cards so I could tell my customers when they call asking for waivers.  Many thanks for making my job easier.  I'll keep you in the loop when there's any change in Army policy regarding CAC stuff.



Wednesday 14 October 2009


Thank you Sir! IE8 in Windows 7 RC 7100 would close every time I selected a certificate to present as authentication to the AF Portal and AFNet Consolidated OWA server. Instead of disabling protected mode for the whole internet though, I added the specific sites to my trusted sites list and disabled protected mode. Sooner or later I'll tick through all of the custom level options and report back. Your a life saver




Monday 5 October 2009


Great site. Wished I had found it when I struggled with Vista.




Monday 5 October 2009

Great site that you have and we all here in Iraq appreciate it!



Saturday 3 October 2009

Chief,  You helped me over the phone to set up my CAC reader on my desktop computer a year ago and I just used your website to smoothly install a laptop CAC reader.   Your site is great!  I tell all of our new officers about your website.



Thursday 1 October 2009


I come here every time I have a problem... and spread the word to others who have home install issues.  Best source of info out there...  Thanks!!!




Friday 25 September 2009


CHIEF, YOU ROCK!!!! I am old-school, technologically-challenged, and tend to give up easily. HOWEVER, I followed your instructions and installed the older ApproveIT 5.7.3 and it works! A techie kid in my unit didn't know what to do to fix the problem (he ran out of time and patience or otherwise he'd surely have told me to install the older version) but he told me about your site.
I don't have a govt. laptop so now I can sign evaluations on my personal one (Dell Latitude D830 with MS Word 2003 and XP).



Friday 25 September 2009

One of our NCOs showed me your very valuable CAC site and how to use it.  I just want to say a BIG "thanks" for helping us, the technically challenged, with an interactive program!  Great site, I hope you got (or can still receive) some form of recognition!


Mr AR (Navy)

Wednesday 23 September 2009


Thank you for providing this data.  I could not figure out what was going on when a hard drive crashed and I had to reload the software.  Loading the DoD certificates did it for me.  Thank you.




Wednesday 23 September 2009


Keep the site up to date, so we can direct our Soldiers to the best information possible




Monday 21 September 2009


You helped me via phone tonight.  I want to thank you so much for all your help.  I am able to access my AKO with my CAC.  Some people need to be referred to the right help, and you are the right person for that.  Again, I want to thank you so much. 



Mr. AR (Navy Contractor)

Wednesday 23 September 2009

Thank you for providing this data. I could not figure out what was going on when a hard drive crashed and I had to reload the sw. Loading the DoD certificates did it for me.



Sunday 21 September 2009


Thank you for the suggestion, it worked!  I will use your web site if I have any issues with my CAC for home use, and will spread the news about your site.



Mr. EM

Tuesday 15 September 2009

Sir,  Thank you, the info I have found on your site ( has helped.



Monday 7 September 2009


Chief, Wanted to thank you again for the resources on your webpage.  Among other computers, I have a Mac and your pages helped me get my AKO CAC login working.  I have not visited your pages for a while.  I will refer my Soldiers to your pages.  Thank you again.

Let me know if you are planning any Windows 7 resources -- I imagine they will be similar to Vista.  I just installed Windows 7 on one of my laptops.




Saturday 5 September 2009


Thanks Chief:  You gave me hope as far as using the computer.  I especially appreciated your time, patience and knowledge you shared on your time off. 




Saturday 5 September 2009


Thank you so much, you guys helped me out a lot.




Friday 4 September 2009


Outstanding!!!  Thanks for breaking it down step by step.  I can contribute with how-to-videos.



CDR CH (Navy)

Thursday 3 September 2009


Thanks for the very informative website.  It was crucial to getting my Mac Book Pro talking to my CAC.




Monday 31 August 2009


I think you have everything a Soldier needs to get his CAC software to work.  Keep up the great work.  Your attitude and willingness to help the Soldier will get you very far in life.  I really appreciate all that you have done for me.  Thank you so much.




Sunday 30 August 2009


Chief, thank you VERY much for this information. I have been trying to get my SCR331 USB Card Reader to work for MONTHS on my home PC with Vista Ultimate. Your tutorials, FAQ's, etc. were extremely helpful and I have bookmarked your site for future reference.



Anonymous (through survey)

Friday 28 August 2009


So far it is the best site I have come across in addressing CAC issues. Took some searching to find it but in time I think Google will bring it up first.




Thursday 27 August 2009

As a user of the CAC resource center when CAC cards/readers were first implemented, I applaud the changes made to the CAC resource center page. It is much more navigable. The links take you to pages that are far more instructional. You have made purchasing and installing a CAC card reader far easier. Thank you for the changes. Keep up the good work.


Mr J (Navy)

Thursday 27 August 2009


I am an NMCI help desk agent, nice to see that some one is helping our guys. I will spread the word of you site.



Tuesday 25 August 2009

Hi!   What a great site!  I used it when researching using my CAC at home last year (windows XP Home).. .

Wanted to let you know that I was able to install the SCR331 reader successfully on a windows XP Prox64 box today - AF Portal, DCO, and RSO servers accessed without a hiccup.

All it took was removing the certificate installation (clanked on x64) and manually installing the current DoD PKI certs after the ActiveClient was installed.  It installed (automatically) to the x86 program files directory.



Tuesday 18 August 2009

I talked with you back in June when our unit was doing our AT.  A full-timer at my unit at Fort Lee put me on with you.  From your help I was able to get the CAC readers up and going for the entire unit.  The unit has given me a promotion and an award. Thanks for your help, it made me look good. I am looking at going Warrant (251A) also.



CPT RB (referred through Military One Source)

Monday 17 August 2009


Chief - we spoke today via phone. You are an amazing contributor to military readiness. You saved me (and the taxpayers) hours of waste and frustration. Keep up the great work!




Monday 10 August 2009

Your site has been great and I would have been dead in the water without it!  Thanks!



Saturday 8 August 2009


Hey CW3 Danberry.  Just wanted to let you know you do amazing work.  I have spoken to you before and given me a cure for PureEdge lately (hopefully it worked).  Just wanted to let you know I am an admin for my unit's AKO site and have put a link to your site.  Thanks for all your help you have given me and I hope your site can help fellow Soldiers in my unit in the future.  I do check it regularly for unsolved problems since I do work as an Army Computer helpdesk SysAdmin.




Wednesday 5 August 2009


All I can say is....thank you!



Anonymous (through survey)

Wednesday 29 July 2009


Site is helpful and the step by step sequencing is just what this non-computer geek needs:) Thanks!




Monday 27 July 2009

Great webpage, finally someone took the initiative to do it.  GO SIGNAL !!



Sunday 26 July 2009


   Thank you for your website - it is a wealth of information on a subject that the military does poorly at making easy. 


Wednesday 22 July 2009


CW3 Danberry:  I found your site through the search engine on AKO a couple of years ago...before an official CAC site was started.  I called you and you helped me out...information that I have been able to pass on to other SMs under my command.  Your directions have been by far the most clear, accurate and sensible.  You are a valuable asset, and a most appreciated individual.  Thank you. 



Anonymous (through survey)

Wednesday 22 July 2009


Thank you very much for helping your fellow servicemen by developing and administering this site




Tuesday 21 July 2009

Thanks for finally making the process step by step! I used the new format yesterday to set up my new laptop to use my smart card reader and get the other programs to cooperate with each other and it worked like a charm.

 I had previously tried with the old CAC page information and was not getting something in order or unzipped correctly and so things were not connecting up right. The new format to the page walked me through and successfully linked everything up to work.

 Deep thanks for a genuine improvement!



Tuesday 21 July 2009


I'd like to thank you for this extremely helpful website. It's awesome that you're willing to take time out of your day to help everyone else out and it's definitely not shoddy help either. After stumbling upon your site I had my CAC reader installed in less than twenty minutes! Now I can do work from home, although I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.


I'll certainly be recommending this site to everyone in my IT department.



Saturday 18 July 2009

The information and files you have posted here helped me quickly resolve ApproveIt problems on a new laptop at home. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!



Friday 17 July 2009


Just wanted to say thanks for all the work you do. I've watched this for years and continue to be impressed.




Friday 17 July 2009

Chief Danberry;  I appreciate your dedication and assistance.  I am well aware of the long hours and days, so I do appreciate your assistance.  Thank you for your efforts and time.  I will certainly enjoy the ability to get into AKO from home without having to get a CAC card reader for my home computer.  Thanks again.



Saturday 11 July 2009


Your site rocks!  I was having trouble with Internet Explorer 8 not launching the pin window for ActivClient 6.1 and could not figure out why.  Your suggestion to turn on Client Authentication worked! 




Saturday 11 July 2009

This is the kind of thing that I love to see in the Army and why I love being in the Army; when experts share their experience and knowledge to better each other and service! 

Great stuff keep it up!



Wednesday 8 July 2009


Chief, appreciate the time and effort you've taken to develop and maintain the site.  I promote it every time I get the opportunity.  Thanks.



YN1 P (Navy)

Tuesday 30 June 2009


This site rocks!!!  Thanks for your help.  I'm definitely passing this on to my fellow Sailors who are frustrated with their CAC readers not working.




Sunday 28 June 2009


Just wanted to say thank you for this site.  Every problem I ran into (and there were many), this site had an answer.  It looks like a lot of time has gone into make this site.  Thanks again.




Wednesday 24 June 2009


You've been a great help and I've had to call you once.  Glad to have you as a resource.




Tuesday 16 June 2009

Chief, DBSign wasn't listed in the Add/Remove programs. But I did find an installation folder on the hard drive and deleted it. I restarted and reinstalled with no probs. Thanks a lot, u the man!!



Monday 15 June 2009

YOU ROCK!  After 2 years of trying to get this right, I performed a digital signature on my first NCOER at home.  It works.  Thanks so much.  The Geek Squad at Best Buy only smiled and nodded and said "A lot of people bring their Vista computers in with the same complaint.  Some work and some don't" 



Saturday 13 June 2009


I just wanted to say thank you for creating the site for the military CAC access at home for all of our services,

I am Air Force Reserve and I can tell you that in the past I could never find the driver and info for the ACTIVCARD anywhere

online.  Your site makes this a lot easier and comprehensible.

 Thanks much! 


Friday 12 June 2009


Chief, thanks so much for all you do!


Tuesday 9 June 2009


Thank you for all the work you've put into it - very informative website!




Friday 5 June 2009


Chief Mike!  Thanks again for all the support that you gave me setting up my CAC and the software on my new computer.  The advice and guidance that you gave was easy to follow and understand and got me up and running in no time!  Thanks again - and great website!!!

Thanks again for all you do.  Yeah - we could use your skills and expertise in the AF.  Wish I had more of you where I work!



Monday 1 June 2009

Thanks, Chief!  It worked!  You really squared me away to use my CAC on my personal laptop!  I appreciate your help.  I'm TDY enroute to a PCS to SWA.  I really needed to square some stuff away and I'm at an Air Force Base.  The Air Force just doesn't have all the neato CAC requirements that the Army does.  Needless to say, you are the reason I am able to fix my DTS orders, access my AKO to change my password, and sign some NCOERs from my previous assignment.  You are a lifesaver!  Thanks, so much!



Sunday 31 May 2009


Your help has been greatly appreciated! Your doing a great service to all of us military people out there that have no idea whatsoever about computers.




Friday 29 May 2009

Thank you so much!!!! Your solution worked immediately !!! I appreciate your help so much. as they say, "You are the Man!!".



Tuesday 26 May 2009


Great site keep up the good work



Mr GO (posted on Facebook)

Monday 25 May 2009


Thanks for the CAC site!  I don't know why it has been so difficult finding information.  Well, it was until I found your site.  I've marked this in my Delicious bookmarks for the public to see.  Thanks!




Thursday 21 May 2009

Thanks again for your website. It's always the first place I look for CAC related issues.



Thursday 14 May 2009


Chief, thanks so much for the info.  I finally downloaded the middleware software.  I am now able to check my two Outlook accounts at home and also check some military websites for work.


Wednesday 13 May 2009

Thank you for your quick response and thank you for starting up that CAC help site. I've used it many times.



Tuesday 12 May 2009


I just wanted to give you my gratitude and thanks for the Military CAC website you posted. This website is a great resource for our Vista migration and have fixed all of my issues with Vista and XP. Keep up the great work!



Ms TH (posted on Facebook)

Saturday 9 May 2009


Chief:  you certainly deserve an award for all that you have done and continue to do for our Armed Forces Community.  Please accept my personal thanks.   *salute*



Mr MC (Navy)

Thursday 7 May 2009


Adding the updated DoD certificates from did the trick, thanks, you are the man!!




Thursday 7 May 2009


Great help for figuring out why I couldn't access DTS w/ Vista.. DTS FAQ's should take a lesson from you.  Thanks!




Tuesday 5 May 2009

I was going crazy trying to set up my CAC reader with Vista64.  I've been using a CAC reader at home for the last two years, but I couldn't get it to work on my latest machine until I visited your website.  I didn't even know it was possible to do a firmware update.

 I'll be passing your URL to my Soldiers.  Thanks.



Saturday 25 April 2009

Thanks for the Warrant Officer magic this afternoon!



Saturday 25 April 2009


Thanks for all that you have done to make using my CAC easier.  Now, I can do more work.  :)




Tuesday 21 April 2009


I ran into some problems earlier this afternoon getting my CAC card configured for PureEdge so I sent an email to AKO CAC for assistance.  CW3 Danberry responded quickly to my email with some suggestions to follow and then he followed up with a call to my cell phone later this afternoon. CW3 Danberry walked me through a few steps and he had me up and running in a matter of minutes. He was very helpful, courteous and driven to solve the problem. CW3 Danberry is clearly customer focused and the right person to have on AKO Support staff. Great job Chief!




Monday 20 April 2009


Your a Genius! 



Mr TS (posted on Facebook)

Monday 13 April 2009


Chief,  I consider myself a pretty big geek, but I'd be lost with out your website, you have saved me so many grey hairs so many times.  Do you do this in a official capacity or is this all you just helping out the rest of DoD?  Has anyone recognized you for the service you've done for us with this site?




Saturday 11 April 2009


This is a great resource you have created here, keep it up and it is much appreciated!




Thursday 9 April 2009

Chief, Your fix (installroot3.12a) for the "no valid..." error worked. Again, thank you.



Sunday 5 April 2009

Chief, Thanks very much for your one stop shop site, as you can tell I was excited about getting my OER signed finally.  I will most certainly get this out to everyone on my staff. I certainly appreciate you taking my phone call as well on a Saturday afternoon.



Wednesday 1 April 2009


Thank you so much so this page.  I finally got my CAC reader working and what a joy it is to finally have this working.  thank you again!




Thursday 26 March 2009


Your site is the best and great resource.  Put yourself in for CW3, or heck just go for 5!  I can't believe you devote your time like this. 



Capt MR (USMC)

Thursday 26 March 2009


All is good now that I downloaded ActivClient 6.1




Wednesday 25 March 2009






Wednesday 25 March 2009


Just wanted to say thanks for the excellent website




Tuesday 24 March 2009


Thank you for the quick response and more so for running / maintaining a very useful and informative site.




Monday 23 March 2009

Chief,  Your guidance did the trick!  I am in business with digital signing and Vista. As a note, I sent your link to my staff and printed the poster with the website for the unit bulletin board, and included info in the unit newsletter.

Thanks for what you do to keep us "in the net".



Tuesday 17 March 2009


We were able to get the ActivClient through AKO and are now able to log in using the CAC reader only because of you.  Thank you so very much!!




Monday 16 March 2009


Good morning Chief!  The DOD Certs did the trick.  Much appreciated.



Sunday 15 March 2009


I am happy to report that I used the info that you provided to logon to DTS from my home PC.  Thank you very much!  You Sir, are a genius!




Sunday 15 March 2009

Happy Greetings!  I followed your instructions and downloaded the 5.7.3 version of ApproveIt and signed an OER.  Many thank you's.  I will spread your name and web-site!  I have dial up service and it took 1 hour and 46 minutes to download.  Well worth it now that it worked.


Anonymous MAJ (USMC)

Thursday 12 March 2009


This is an outstanding site! Thanks.  Problem was resolved using IE problem 2, cure 2.  Semper Fi!




Thursday 12 March 2009


Approve It 5.7.3 worked, thank you very much Chief.  Hope you don't mind if I reach out in the future.

Thanks again.




Wednesday 11 March 2009

I wanted to send a quick note and thank you for your website assisting with CAC use for home computers. The AKO site had info, and I wasn't having much luck. With a brand new laptop, I assumed I had the 64-bit Vista. But your site actually made me double-check that, and I discovered I have the 32-bit. Plus, the DoD certificates download from AKO was 3.06 and didn't do a thing. I got 3.11 from your site, and it works like a champ all of a sudden.

So thanks a lot for taking the time to create something useful for the rest of us. Keep up the good work!



Tuesday 10 March 2009

Your advice on this CAC site is great.



Monday 09 March 2009


Nice site, you are filling quite a void in the DOD world....




Monday 09 March 2009

This is a great service you provide to our Soldiers. Thank you.



Monday 09 March 2009


The "downgrade" to Approve It 5.7.3 made it possible for me to sign forms now. Your web-site will be distributed to the Troops. Thanks Again!




Thursday 05 March 2009


Approve It 5.9 worked Great!  Thanks




Thursday 05 March 2009

I followed your links and all is good now.  Thank you.  Would you have any issue if your website link was posted on one of our web pages?



Wednesday 04 March 2009


I just wanted to thank you for putting this site together.  It helped me purchase, install, and utilize my CAC on my personal computer.  The site is very detailed and concise in its directions.  Thanks again for the service you offer here. 




Wednesday 04 March 2009


Approve It 5.9 works!  Thanks for your support and a great website.




Tuesday 03 March 2009

I was having trouble getting Approve It to work on my computer.  I tried everything I knew to get it going to include all the quick fixes that are posted all over AKO and WWW sites. I called Chief Danberry because nothing had worked for me.  He spent well over an hour helping me with the issues I was having with the problem.  His excellent knowledge of this program and of computer operating systems helped me to get Approve It working on my computer.

Again I thank you Chief for all you help and I will be recommending this site and you personally to everyone I know that has any problems with these programs.



Tuesday 03 March 2009


Approve It 5.7.3 worked like a Charm.  Thanks!



Mr BC (Microsoft Contractor)

Thursday 26 February 2009

I think it is us, out in the field, that should thank you for your hard work, willingness to share information, and support of the United States!



Wednesday 25 February 2009

Just wanted to give Kudos where Kudos are due.  You have created a very useful tool for easing everyone's pain and I appreciate your time and effort.  Great Job.



Tuesday 24 February 2009


Thank you for helping me.  This gets a little overwhelming and it is good to know that folks like you are out there to help strangers..... Thanks again.




Tuesday 24 February 2009

I just want to thank you profusely for your website.  I struggled for 10 hours and stumbled upon your site - I was up within 45 minutes, and I'm not computer literate.



Tuesday 24 February 2009


Thanks Chief, ApproveIt 5.9 works great!  I am very grateful




Tuesday 24 February 2009


Thanks for your site... I couldn't figure out what my problem was... until I ran the program to install the DOD certs...




Monday 23 February 2009


Chief!  It worked! Thanks your the best!  I'll tell everyone about your site.  I just deleted the 5.8.2 and uploaded the  5.7.3 ApproveIt and it worked, I'll help everybody now.




Sunday 22 February 2009


Thank you for the CAC website




Wednesday 18 February 2009


Thank you for the quick response!  I think your website is great!




Tuesday 17 February 2009


I purchased an SCR3310, hooked it up and it worked without a hitch.  Guess the SCR331 is not very compatible with Vista.  Thanks for your help.




Saturday 14 February 2009


Thanks so much.  When I finally decide to install my CAC reader and stuff on my laptop with Vista 64.  I know where to go if I have issues.  Thanks again.




Saturday 14 February 2009


Outstanding job on this page Sir.  Easy to use website and shows exceptional motivation in take care of troops!




Friday 13 February 2009


Just a quick note to say THANKS!!!! for posting the updated DBSign.  It resolved a problem that two days of uninstalling and reinstalling DBSign, cleaning registries, cache cleaning and IE settings tweaking could not fix.  This problem was happening with DBSign v 2.3 on AGM Vista v8.6.




Friday 13 February 2009


I am highly impressed with this CAC website...  Handy link to have :)




Thursday 12 February 2009


Thank you so much.  The upgrade to ActivClient 6.1 did the trick




Tuesday 10 February 2009


Your website is an invaluable service.  When you for for CW3, 4, and 5, let me know and you have my highest recommendation.  If there is anything more I an do for you, you let me know.  I will follow your advice and if I have  more problems will be in touch.  Thank you for the quick turn around on my problems.  I cannot believe you are so fast as you must have hundreds of inquiries, issues, and problems everyday.  Nevertheless, so far, you saved my butt and done more than AKO.



Contractor SA

Tuesday 10 February 2009


Just a note to say thanks for your assistance with solving an error with Pure Edge.  I have your page bookmarked!!



Capt SJ (USAF)

Tuesday 10 February 2009


I really appreciate all the help your site has offered me so I really wanted to offer any info that might help others get set up that much faster.  Thanks again!!




Tuesday 10 February 2009


Most helpful site I have found concerning Army help.  Now how about some NCOER bullets and make my job even easier!

Great site.  I made this Infantryman's life much easier  Now if I could sign Pure Edge documents in Vista..  I'm hoping 5.7.3 will do it for me.




Monday 09 February 2009

Great site Chief, had problems with a friends PC getting Vista 64 bit to log in with CAC. Found the solution on your site!



Sunday 08 February 2009

Thank you for your support and running this site - I am up and running again.  It is obviously keeping you busy as it the top of the Google searches.  I gave up trying to find this doing AKO searches.  (Sign box was staying Gray when attempting to sign forms).



Saturday 07 February 2009


I got it fixed--thanks for your quick replies and interest in helping.  I rolled back to Approve It 5.7.3, reinstalled the DoD certificates, and tweaked ApproveIt installation and got it to work.  All's well.




Thursday 05 February 2009


Thank You....That is all I can say.......THANK YOU!   I found the Approve It software that I didn't have installed to actually sign documents.  Once I found your website, I was good to go in less than 3 minutes!




Tuesday 03 February 2009


I am all set now thanks to your DoD Certificates link.  Thanks so much, your resources are the best I have been able to find!  I've been trying to get this up and running for the past 6 months with no success.  Glad to see someone out there supports Soldiers on M-Day status.




Monday 02 February 2009

Thank you Sir, this fix worked! (updated DBSign Software)



Sunday 01 February 2009


Thank you!  Done, problem solved.... what a blessing!!! (downgraded Approve It to 5.7.3)




Sunday 01 February 2009


Chief, your one-stop site just saved me hours of searching and some number of incorrect installs searching the net for guidance and software to set up a Vista run Dell 1525 with an SCR3310 CAC reader.




Wednesday 28 January 2009


Your website is great, just the thing I have been saying CAC users needed since AKO posted their not so great resource center.  I have been sending the link to all my Soldiers.




Wednesday 28 January 2009


My Approve It works now.  I wouldn't have been able to do it without your help.   Thank you.




Wednesday 28 January 2009


Thank you for your website and the time you invest to help me and our fellow service members.  What you do goes far beyond anything I could put in words.  But express how grateful I am, and the time you invested in helping me with my problem with installing my software issue.  I salute you for your time, your support, wish you the best in your future.




Tuesday 27 January 2009


Yes... it sure did fix the error... I want to extend my most sincere gratitude on the service you are providing others.  I know we will be in contact again :-)




Monday 26 January 2009


You have a great website.  The FAQ section was really useful with embedded solutions.  Thank you for responding to my question within 24 hours.  (Let me know when you are getting out if you need a reference).




Thursday 22 January 2009


I just finished installing the CAC software on my laptop, I did this before on another laptop without your guide (trying to find everything on AKO).  You just saved me a bunch of time and some of my hair that I donít have to pull out!  Thanks a lot for the guide, I will show it to everyone that I know!

I really appreciate your efforts on the site.  Itís awesome!



Wednesday 21 January 2009


Thanks for the help Chief - Great website.  Installed 5.7.3 and it worked.




Monday 19 January 2009


Just wanted to thank you profusely for creating this website.  I had to rush and get a leave form signed back in Africa after I showed up at Fort Bragg over a long weekend.  No access to CAC readers, so I spent the afternoon with my new reader and going through the instructions on your site.  Thanks for doing this.  You're right - much more intuitive than AKO!!!  I'm not sure I would have negotiated my way through the AKO maze. :)



Mrs BM

Sunday 18 January 2009


AWESOME!  Highly recommended, great customer service - can tell when one enjoys what they do.  Very efficient and a wealth of knowledge.  THANKS VERY MUCH!




Sunday 18 January 2009


Chief, Thank you for your help, this website is truly helpful.  I will make sure to pass it along to anyone who needs it.  Once again thank you.




Wednesday 14 January 2009


You Rock.  Chief, Thanks for helping me fix the problem I had with ApproveIt!  Saved me A TON OF TIME!!!  Thanks for all you do.




Sunday 11 January 2009


Wow - what a great resource you are providing to us G6 folks.  Thanks.




Saturday 10 January 2009

Chief,  Thank you for the help.  Your "One-Stop Shop" was a great help when I followed it to the letter.  Because my CAC is a CA-20, I needed approve it 5.7.3 and could not find it.  After contacting you I was sent a link to the software.  The last problem I had after all the software was correct was I could log on but could not get past the card validation page to be redirected to my AKO account.  Which you were able to assist with again after taking the time to personally contact me and suggested to get to that page and then add this page to my trusted sites.  Thank you again, your page is a great asset to the Army home user and a link should be added to AKO.  


Thursday 8 January 2009


You went above and beyond helping me configure my personal laptop.  I appreciate your professionalism, courteousness, and technical expertise.  Your website is full of great information and very helpful.  Thank you!




Thursday 8 January 2009


Thanks for your page, I was having problems with both my state account and my AKO for the last year with my new personal laptop.  I still had to use my old laptop to access my government email.  Until today.  I installed an internal reader and did a fresh install, but it still was not working.  I then contacted the state help desk and they were stumped too!  I finally came to your site and in minutes it was resolved.  I did a few things at once, clear history and added the AKO and state webpage links to trusted sites and now it works. 

I would have never found this on the AKO/CAC pile of links.




Thursday 8 January 2009


Worked like a charm Chief!  Firmware update enabled Vista to pick up my SCR-331 CAC reader




Wednesday 7 January 2009


Chief, Thank you very much for the assistance.  Upgrading to ActivClient 6.1 did the trick for me



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