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Maj HP (Air Force)

Saturday 29 December 2012


I would like to thank you for the greatest support I have ever had in the IT industry.  Your dedication and professionalism is exceptional.  You work with such efficiency that it is remarkable.  I hope your superior and your team recognize your exceptional attitude and the luck they have to have you. 

Again thank you so much for the great help.




Thursday 20 December 2012


Chief,  Thank you... your instructions were easy to follow and fixed the issue with my computer.  I'm now on OWA.




Saturday 15 December 2012


Thanks for writing me.  By the way, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your CAC website.  It's my bible.  I've had to refer to it so many times I can't count anymore.  You've done a lot of work, and I don't know how people like me would survive CAC problems without you.



Friday 14 December 2012


Thanks for the great site.  I appreciate all of the work you've put into this.  It made it possible for me to get forms approved before the weekend when my computer crashed yesterday.  Thanks again.




Tuesday 11 December 2012


Thank you for maintaining your CAC site!  I have mentioned to other soldiers your name and your web-site, basically telling them "this CW3 is the Master Jedi of CAC!"


Ms TS (Contractor)

Friday 7 December 2012


Sir, How can I thank you?  I've not met anyone in the Government that I have so appreciative of.  I will be happy to make a donation to your website.  If I can ever repay you by supporting your work mission, just let me know.  I am forever grateful to you as will be my fellow office workers when I supply them with your documentation.




Saturday 1 December 2012

Your site is great! I am glad there are people like you trying to help soldiers get their computer issues worked out. I am emailing your site to all soldiers I know and hopefully they will pass it on.



Friday 16 November 2012


Thanks for putting this site together.  Your site should be funded by the Government as it adds tremendous flexibility to the service member and therefore value to the military.  Thanks again.




Sunday 9 November 2012


Thanks again for your invaluable assistance tonight. Honestly, not only did you help me on this initial CA problem, but you've also empowered me to fix similar problems on my own in the future -- and that, Chief, is the hallmark of true success!

Again, many thanks. If you need a recommendation from me based on this experience, please let me know. I'd be only too happy to return the favor.



Tuesday 30 October 2012


I'd like to thank you for the informative way of accessing Outlook to my account.  I was trying to find a way in order to access my account at home, since not all Soldiers have access to a government computer to check their Outlook account.  Also, since the Army is migrating to Enterprise Email and AKO accounts will cease working soon after, all my college and military documents go to my AKO and I check it regularly.  In short, just wanted to say thanks.  Since my commo shop didn't know how people would be able to access their account from home.  I will tell my Soldiers about this website, good job Sir.


Mr. JM (Air Force Civilian)

Saturday 27 October 2012


Mr. Danberry:  I had a puzzling CAC access problem from my new personal laptop.  I could access AKO and ATAAPS just fine with my old one, but the new one simply would not work, and there was no error message that gave me a clue.  I was tearing my hair out. I downloaded your PDF file Making_AKO_work_with_Internet_Explorer_Color and went through the steps.  Problem solved! Thanks so much.



Wednesday 24 October 2012


I truly appreciate your site. I recommend it to all my soldiers and it comes in very useful every drill weekend when NCOs bring their home laptops in and we encounter errors with their different settings.

Thanks for all you do to help the military community get beyond the mandatory fun of military computer systems.


MMC MM (Navy)

Thursday 18 October 2012


Thank you, CW3!!!

I wanted to contact you to express appreciation.  I am the National SurgeMain IT Chief, and your resources are the #1 help for Navy computer related access issues, I recommend your site more than anything else for problems I can't solve.  Professionally and personally, on behalf of many hundreds of Sailors, I would like to extend our highest gratitude to you!




Tuesday 16 October 2012


Chief, thanks so much for the website that you maintain. VERY, very helpful




Saturday 29 September 2012


Chief:  Outstanding job on  I have used it and referenced it to many folks.  Great Work!



Post on YouTube Channel

Thursday 20 September 2012


You're saving my military admin rear, one computer issue at a time!  Thanks for being here to help the non-IT side of the house out!  :)




Wednesday 19 September 2012


Many thanks for writing me back regarding the AKO to Enterprise Email migration. We just learned of the exception to policy, yesterday.  I do appreciate you taking the time to write me back, you are doing great things for people and I have really appreciated your website, I have used it several times the last couple of years and it has really helped us out, since we are kind of on our own.



Saturday 25 August 2012


THX for all you have done on this site!!!!! I speak of your site ALWAYS when my fellow soldiers are having CAC/access problems on their computers. Your site has yet to fail us when needed.




Wednesday 22 August 2012


Sir, I enjoy your website.  I am not a technical person, but all the information on your site is very user friendly and best of all it works.  It has saved me hours of time and frustration working with my S-6, and I have the same rights on my personal computer at home that I do at work.  Thank you again for such a great website.



Wednesday 22 August 2012


I used your Military CAC page this past weekend to fix my CAC reader issue on my personnel laptop. Just wanted you to know that it's an awesome page, the videos are on point! Keep up the good work dude!



Sunday 10 August 2012


Sir, SUCCESS!! I am right now typing to you in AKO via my NEW CAC!!  Thanks to you I made sure I checked to see if I had any of the CAC enablers, I did not, and then I downloaded & installed CACkey to my Mac. Then I shut down and started-up my Mac, opened Keychain Access and inserted my CAC.  When I did I noticed that my CAC was recognized as before only this time my CAC had a new name.  The name started with my last and first name.  I clicked on the padlock and put in my pin and it worked!!
So then I clicked on it and then on "my certificates" and I saw them!!  I switched to "certificates" and there they were MY valid certificates.  So I opened up Safari, went to AKO and clicked on "CAC log-in" and this time the PIN pop-up window appeared I put in my PIN and then the window disappeared.  I waited and then popped up the certificates window, I clicked on "OK" and then came to the my AKO home page!!
Thank you so very much sir.  CW3 Danberry thank you for reminding me of an invaluable lesson I learned long ago. You give so sooooo much of your time and self to putting up with us Soldiers who use Apple and have so many problems in trying to get in the "Window" of the US Army / DoD / USG.  You don't ask for money or anything else in  return which is why you have received the attention and rewards that you have, including the thanks of many numerous Apple / Linux / Windows OS using Soldiers.  You still help and give...THANK YOU sir!!  Thank you, thank you.
You reminded me that helping others is not about medals, rewards you hold in your hands, or recognition but in knowing that you helped another's burden get a bit lighter; and you have mine.  Good night CW3 Danberry and keep lifting us up with your good will.



Friday 8 August 2012


This site is GREAT. Chief, you've outdone yourself in clarity, simplicity and clarity



Friday 27 July 2012


CW3 Danberry,  I just wanted to send you a Thank You for the information on

For months, I’ve been having problems logging into AKO with my CAC.  I have had to run IE8 as “Administrator” for my CAC to work.

A few weeks ago, I upgraded to IE9 but still had the same issues.  However, this week, if I run IE as “Administrator”, I can’t get past the “Accept” page.  It’s as if the Accept button has been deactivated.

I found some “cleanup” notes (removing trusted sites, certificates, etc…) on your website.  Now, CAC login functions perfectly!!!  And without having to run IE as Administrator.  (Interesting, however…now the Accept button works if I run IE as Administrator).

Thank you so much!



Thursday 26 July 2012


Chief,  I really appreciate the hard work and effort you have put into maintaining  It is a tremendous resource.  You have truly helped so many reservists from pulling out their hair trying to get their personal laptops configured to do our Army “work.”  When I was the unit S6, this website was a godsend.

Keep up your “above and beyond” efforts – it is noticed AND appreciated


Mrs DS (contractor)

Friday 13 July 2012


Hello, Mike! The DOD system that I need access to continues to work perfectly – thanks to you!  I cannot thank you enough for taking time during your drive to sort this out with me!  I am passing on your web info to our IT folks, with details re all the steps that should be done on a teleworker’s laptop before it is shipped to user.  This should greatly increase chances that their CAC will work with DOD sites with no further tweaking, and it is much appreciated!  But I am keeping your contact info as great resources should never be lost!

Thanks again and if there is any way that I can assist you, please don’t hesitate to contact me.



Wednesday 4 July 2012


Excellent site!!  The absolute best resource for setting up a new computer for CAC and to sign forms.  I really appreciate the info!!



LCDR AS (Navy)

Wednesday 04 July 2012


The info this help page was superb and got me running with my CAC painlessly.  Thank you for posting all the specs on what enabler works with what card and what system, which saved me a lot of time and hassle.  appreciate the support..!




Monday 25 June 2012


I wanted to say thank you, because this website you created was most helpful. I inform all my soldiers with CAC issues to view your website.



ENS JE (Navy)

Wednesday 20 June 2012


CW3 Danberry, I realize you receive a lot of email.  I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for creating  Your service to your fellow military members is outstanding.  I started my CAC journey with the normal help desk channels.  I was able to access websites that authenticated with my email CAC certificate; however, my normal CAC certificate was not viewable.  I followed the Microsoft Explorer suggestion from your website and was able to access my CAC from my work computer.  But I was still experiencing problems accessing my normal CAC certificate on my home laptop.  I downloaded the drivers for my CAC from and was able to access all CAC enabled websites.

I was drawn to by a co-worker.  So I will pay it forward to other military members.  I have provided the tear out notice to my local soldiers center.  I have also made a donation to your cause.  Finally, I purchased a red MilitaryCAC shirt from Café Press.  I can wear my red MilitaryCAC shirt on Red Shirt Fridays to further your cause.

Again, thank you for hosting a very important website.



Friday 18 May 2012


I am the S6 NCO for my BN.  I have used your site numerous times for troubleshooting and finding software.  I have recommended your MilitaryCAC site to any one that has issues (and I have many times).  You have helped me
with issues that I should have known, but also issues that myself and my DCSIM could not solve.  Your site is far beyond more user friendly than any other site that I have used (including AKO).

Thank you so much for your continuing efforts to help the soldiers.



Tuesday 15 May 2012


I wanted to let somebody know about the excellent service that CW3 Michael J. Danberry has provided.  CW3  Danberry was very helpful in assisting me with my CAC problem and was prompt to respond to emails.  CW3 Danberry is the kind of Soldier the Army needs and in my opinion; helps make the Army better!  It can be very frustrating dealing with Army computer problems as a member of the National Guard due to the lack of an active Army facility or being near a National Guard facility that can provide the type of support that members of the National Guard cannot receive.




Saturday 12 May 2012


I -- and the rest of the community -- VERY MUCH appreciate the private hours you spend helping us. A big thank you from all of us!




Friday 11 May 2012


Just wanted to say "THANKS" for the site.  I have used your info for the past 2 years on 4 different computers (3 PCs and 1 MAC) and I have yet to encounter a problem you do not have a solution for.  Your site and help is GREAT.  The Army does not always make things easy.  Thanks for helping.




Wednesday 9 May 2012


I just wanted to say Thank you. I  was pulling my hair out trying to figure this out. I sat for hours with the AKO help desk with no HELP.  Your slides on how to fix personal computers to log onto AKO was a success.  Cheers to you!!!



Mr JL (YouTube posting)

Sunday 29 April 2012


Chief Danberry, MilitaryCAC is an awesome website, great job!  I have frequently used you site and its nice to "meet" you on YouTube.




Tuesday 24 April 2012


Thanks for the page and the resources.  I got the reader installed and you showed me how to get IE compatibility with Safari.  Now I can use my reader and do my homework without issues. Thanks.




Thursday 19 April 2012


Thank you for doing what you do. I was in Kuwait from 2007-2011 and ran into numerous issues with the AGM image and CAC/PKI (ActivClient, PureEdge, etc.).  Your site was the ONLY resource that we had and we used it all the time.





Tuesday 10 April 2012


I just wanted to tell you how impressed with your site “” I have been.  I am a Sr. Support Engineer with Microsoft and I do quite a bit of work with the DoD especially on all things 802.1x related and your site has proven to be an incredibly valuable resource.  802.1x is something that is relatively new with DoD customers and integrating that with CAC and ActivClient can be challenging.  Your site is one of my go to sites for definitive answers and I am just impressed with the extensive knowledge you have here.



Maj  RD (Air Force)

Friday 30 March 2012


Chief, big time BZ for your efforts; they were invaluable to me in getting my new Windows 7 machine running regarding cac usage.  I followed the video and PDF and now all is well.  Thanks again for your efforts  above and beyond......fair winds.




Tuesday 27 March 2012


Great support! Thank you.  I decided to try a Mac.  Without the site I'd likely not have figured most of this out. Running Lion on a MacBook Air, and using VMware Fusion.



SSgt PD (Air National Guard)

Monday 26 March 2012


Hello Mr. Danberry!
I just wanted to submit a comment.  I wanted to say how much I appreciate your website.  I was having MAJOR issues utilizing my CAC reader because it was not reading my card and after finally coming across your website after "Googling it" and looking through your tutorials and accessing your PDF for credentials and pretty much getting through the Ps and Qs as so often you have to when dealing with computers (I am such a computer geek myself) you SAVED me and I was finally able to access the Air Force Portal and get to my "MyPay" page.  So I wanted to reach out to you and submit a "Thank You" for your website in case you are not getting enough of them and everything you are doing.  I even "Liked" your page and added your link to my Facebook page because I have A LOT of friends and I am prior active duty and now am air guard.  So, once again "Thank You".



Monday 26 March 2012


Thank you very much for both emailing and calling me.  I know you have a lot of people that you help, which you do outside of your actual job.  Your website and videos are excellent, and were a great help in navigating through a complex process (at least for non-techies like me).  I was missing the ActivClient Agent portion, but now it is installed, and I just logged in to my AKO via CAC on my personal computer.  Once again, thank you so much for your help - it is greatly appreciated!




Thursday 15 March 2012


I just wanted to say thank you.  Your site solved the CAC card problem I was having and it is easier to use then the AKO site.  I spent over 2 hours looking for the answer on AKO, I got the answer on your site immediately.  Granted it to about 1/2 hour to work out the issues, what you said worked.  The directions were easy to follow and the screen pictures for the directions helped out a lot.  Thank you again.



LCDR DF (Navy)

Thursday 15 March 2012


Thanks so much!  This website is completely invaluable!  Bravo Zulu to you!




Monday 27 February 2012


I would like to thank you and everyone that helps put all this great information together.  We at FWC have many officers that are reserves (in all branches) and this was the first I have had to deal with install and getting one of my guys connected.  It was easy to follow and really helpful.  This website is now bookmarked!  Thanks again.




Sunday 26 February 2012


Just wanted to say THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for your CAC working with the internet instructions.  I learned a lot and most importantly got a CAC card reader to work yesterday so I could access iPerms at home, (I have a civilian job, so no access) before my promotion packet was due to my unit next weekend.  You saved my bacon sir!! Thanks again!!


TSgt ES (Air Force)

Friday 24 February 2012


I just wanted to say thank you.  I was issued a CAC card reader and little else in the way of setting it up.  If it weren't for your site, I'd still be stuck at square one.  Now, thanks to you, I can check my AF email and keep things running smoothly in my absence.  As a unit deployment manager - things can pop up at a moments notice - this puts my mind at ease on days like today.

In any case, thanks again. I'm sure there are thousands around the globe that owe you a round. Keep fightin' the good fight!



LT KR (Navy)


Thank you, thank you, thank you. My OWA is now working.  I just toggled between not listing or listing the site on the "trusted sites" section and it works.  I really appreciate the help.




Thursday 23 February 2012


I wanted to thank you for running such a great site.  I have used your site for several years whenever I have an issue and the information you provide has never failed me.  Tonight I used your site again when I couldn't use my CAC to login to AKO.  I was up and running using two separate methods; IE 8 and Google Chrome (which I forgot I had) in less than five minutes.

I am in the middle of a somewhat complicated series of computer account related issues and realized that we often don't take the time to thank the hard working folks who help make the seemingly impossible things happen.

Thank you for everything you do both on duty and "off duty".



Thursday 9 February 2012


I have over 1400 attached credentialed medical providers.  Your AKO references, most importantly for MACs are of great assistance for our CONUS located Soldiers.


CDR BP (Navy)

Wednesday 8 February 2012


 You da man!  Thanks for your dedication and the time you have put into gaining and sharing your knowledge about these things. I saved the PDF in case I need to use it again




Tuesday 31 January 2012


YOU ROCK! 2 NMCI reps could not fix my issue, the 3rd finally referred me to your web site. I used your PowerPoint "Making ...DOD websites work with IE.."  I suggest you move the info in slide 22 (problems since installing IE 9) to the top (use 32 bit IE).  That is what finally solved my problem.  But THANK YOU for solving it! 



Mr MB via Facebook CAC group

Sunday 29 January 2012


Another success story; been offline for awhile, couldn't get on. Checked out MilitaryCAC, got the directions for the Oberthur 5.5 dual CAC using only Windows 7, and was back up in 10 minutes.  THANKS!!



Thursday 26 January 2012


Thank you a thousand times over for your site, it has saved me many hours of time.




Thursday 26 January 2012


Just want to say Thanks for the great website ( you maintain. I always go there first before contacting NMCI or Navy ERP Helpdesks for an issue. I've found it particularly helpful in configuring my home PC to access CAC-capable systems.


Thanks for your website, keep up the good work!



Thursday 26 January 2012

Thanks very much!  Your website is really an invaluable resource.  Thank you very much for all the effort you put into it.  It is much appreciated. 



Monday 23 January 2012


Chief: I uninstalled and reinstalled ActivClient 6.2 and came at it with 32 bit IE9 like you suggested. I WAS SUCCESSFUL!!  Please tell LTG Lawrence you deserve a raise this year!  Seriously, thanks for all your help to this somewhat Microsoft-challenged old paratrooper.




Sunday 15 January 2012


Dear CW3 Danberry, I just wanted to thank you again for your help last week.  You solved the problem I had been working on for days in just a few minutes, and I was able to get through a bunch of the forms I needed to complete.

You certainly have a specialized knowledge, and I am so grateful that you shared it with me!




Thursday 12 January 2012


Chief, your site it amazing. Thank you for all the work you have done on it.



AWV2 PN (Navy)

Wednesday 11 January 2012


Sir, I just wanted to let you know how much I really appreciate all the help from your website.  You Sir are a mad genius when it comes to this stuff and how to put it out for all to understand.  I never would have figured it out by myself.  And, I am sure it would have taken me years to figure it out through work.  I know several of my shipmates that will also take advantage of your website once I inform them.  Thanks again.




Tuesday 10 January 2012


Thank you for all your HELP!!  It is working.  Your website is great and really breaks it down for Soldiers like me.  Very easy to follow and I loved the video's for each step, it allowed me complete the various steps while watching you do it on the internet.

Thanks again and I will refer soldiers to your website in the future!



Monday 9 January 2012


I want to tell you how much I cannot thank you enough for the time you've taken to get Mac to work with our CACs. Great work!!!!  After upgrade from Snow Leopard, I've banged and banged my head to the point where the Commander sent me in for psych eval ... he couldn't understand why I wouldn't just install Windows (just kidding).

After downloading PKard I thought my troubles were over, until I tried to access  with Safari.

Your video tutorial for Firefox went one step above and beyond what I needed to finalize the Mac book setup for CAC access, and not only can I now access my AFRC sites, but I can now also access my Army sites for which I provide contract support.


Mr. AJ (post on Facebook)

Saturday 7 January 2012


Hey Michael, your website and YouTube videos help me a lot.  I can finally log into my home computer with my CAC.




Thursday 5 January 2012

I wanted to thank you for your dedication in sharing your knowledge not only on but in forums all over the net.  Your fixes to very frustrating problems have worked for myself and my soldiers 100% of the time.  Your links and instructions are the #1 resource used in my Unit.  They are user friendly down to the lowest level of computer knowledge.  Keep up the amazing work.  You have kept me from having a complete melt-down on more occasions than I can count.  You give a whole new meaning to "technically proficient". 



Wednesday 4 January 2012


Thank you for all your effort.  I hope that--although I'm pretty sure you realize how valuable your help has been to so many--you are getting the gratitude and recognition you deserve.



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