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Some people have been helped with phone calls, they are not shown here unless they sent me an email.


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Mr HB (note with donation)

Saturday 31 December 2011


That PDF straightened my broken junk out.  I appreciate it when something is done well and helpful.  Please accept my thanks and $5.00 for a coffee or a beer. Thanks!



Wednesday 28 December 2011


Chief, you are a cultural asset! I've worked IT customer service for years, and your simple, user-friendly work is a model for others to follow.  You save the DoD thousands of man hours that would otherwise be wasted trying to figure this all out on our own and/or traveling back to base to use a CAC reader.  You are a key for us unlocking the "promise of IT", as President Obama put it.  Keep up the great work and train replacements!  PS: have someone get the word out about this site.  I only found out about it by chance. Maybe an ad on the AKO front page would do the trick.



Post on YouTube channel

Tuesday 27 December 2011


Chief I just want to say you are the man, I've been trying to install my CAC onto my home computer for a very long time and looking at your video certainly helped out a lot and saved me a lot of headache. Once again thank you very much.




Saturday 24 December 2011


I wanted to write to tell you thank you for your website.  I shared the URL on my Facebook with other Soldiers fresh out of BCT.  Thanks to my dad, a retired Engineer with 27 years of service, I have access to certain professional Soldier items, like a CAC reader (GemPC- works perfectly), that others might not know exist.  I also posted the link on my class's WONET page just in case someone finds it useful.  It's amazing how much technology the Army could utilize.  I have a tablet (Motorola Xoom- outdated already) and it would be great to have a reader built in and able to use for quick, even real-time, information.  Maybe the HALO game Soldier is closer than we think! 




Friday 23 December 2011


Thanks!!!!! Your website was very user friendly for a computer rock like me!



Monday 19 December 2011


I just wanted to say that I followed your very clear instructions carefully and for the first time have been able to install all items without any hassles. Thanks for the great service you are providing. Keep up the good work.




Sunday 18 December 2011


Thank you for all of your help!  Your website, PDF files and quick email responses are far beyond impressive.  I can't thank you enough.



Mr JW (note with a donation)

Sunday 18 December 2011


Hi Chief Danberry, Love your website and the principle of no banners or flashing webpage ads, making the site as clean as possible.  Keep up the great work!  Your efforts are truly appreciated!



ITC ML (Navy)

Monday 12 December 2011


Once again your site and this time a thread helped me with a lingering CAC issue I was having with my personal laptop.  It started when I had to get my new ID card a few months ago in September.  I could access pretty much all sites except our CMS site (for Sailor detailing).  Don't need to get in there too often so put it on the back burner.  So today I decided to find out what was going on.  After doing some research discovered it had to do with needing the latest update for ActivClient at your site.  Funny thing was, I went out to our download page for the software and grabbed the (supposed) latest software but it wound up being the same old software.  Needless to say, the update resolved the problem I was having with ActivClient that was preventing me from hitting the CMSID site.

I just wanted to send a personal email thanking you for all the effort you put into your site.  I have referenced your site heavily since last year when I was in theater in Kuwait with my Unit (Navy) in an Army command.  Helped a lot then and is still helping out.  Keep up the great work.


CR (Contractor)

Sunday 11 December 2011


Thank you for responding so quickly!  I really appreciate your assistance.  After two days trying to install certificates, card reader software and now the client, email is running.




Tuesday 6 December 2011


 Sir, I wanted to say thank you! Spent more time with this process last night - and am now fully functional! couldn't have done it without this website - Thanks again!  




Tuesday 6 December 2011


Thanks again for all your help, and it's definitely a good thing what you and your team are doing for the service members with your site.  I have been referring to the site back in the days when I used Windows.  Now that I am on Mac, it has definitely been a source of invaluable information and help using CAC with Mac.



CDR TS (Navy)

Monday 5 December 2011


Just wanted to say thank you for your outstanding site and the service you provide.  I've been having trouble getting my CAC to work ever since I purchased a Mac, and the NMCI helpdesk has been useless.  They go so far as to say that they don't support Apple and reference users to your web site.

With a little poking around yesterday, I was finally able to get my CAC (Oberthur) to work on OS X Lion.  It would've been impossible for me to do so without your support. Again, thank you.



Sunday 4 December 2011


Thank you very much for a great website; I have been able to connect to the Air Force's OWA page



tmfarg on YouTube

Thursday 1 December 2011


Great video! I can now get into NROWS on Firefox! Keep up the good work!



crankymrman on YouTube

Wednesday 30 November 2011


Thank you I can finally use my CAC again




Tuesday 29 November 2011


Hello Chief -- Thanks so much for your tireless efforts with keeping the website up to date and continually improving on it.  You are an invaluable aid for military IT professionals such as myself everywhere and I cannot thank you enough for all you do.  Whenever I am dealing with any kind of CAC or CAC-related issue, I tell everyone to check your site first.  It sets the standard far above and beyond for "getting it right".




Tuesday 29 November 2011


I just wanted to express thanks for putting up such a great site.  It has helped me numerous times.



Thursday 17 November 2011


Thanks so much for your site and the time you devote to it so those of us who aren’t as tech savvy have a fighting chance….lol.



Maj RS

Monday 14 November 2011


After uninstalling IE 9 64 bit from my Win 7 PC, I was able to logon to the Air Force Portal using IE8.  Thanks!




Monday 14 November 2011


Chief:  Just wanted to thank you the awesome web site.


Tartanplad on YouTube

Saturday 12 November 2011


You are a lifesaver! You make complicated problems easy to accomplish! Thank you!




Thursday 10 November 2011


I'm glad that I had to call you for assistance.  I really enjoyed our brief (hahaha -extended help desk support call) conversation and your school bus driver "patience."  Otherwise I might still be driving all over town to go to the library for CAC access.

Thank you for your selfless service that you provide to the community.


nightslayer187 via YouTube

Saturday 29 October 2011


Thank you so much!  I've been trying for three months to get into my AKO account and you just helped me so much!  Thanks a lot!




Tuesday 25 October 2011


I just wanted to sent a quick note of thanks. I was struggling with getting my CAC to work with my new laptop, and your site really helped me. (I think the key was removing some of the certificates.)




Saturday 22 October 2011


Chief, I wanted to thank you again for your help, I really appreciate it!  I will definitely pass your website around in my unit.




Wednesday 19 October 2011


You guys deserve the highest award possible for what you have done on behalf of a broken Army. If we could get one Soldier in every office to work as hard as you have on getting the word out regarding how to use the CAC we would have world peace.




Tuesday 18 October 2011


Chief Danberry,
Thanks for putting together the slide show, "Making AKO and/or other DoD websites work with Internet Explorer."  I've been struggling to get my CAC reader (IOGear) and CAC working at home on my new HP Pavilion with Windows 7 and latest IE.  After going through your slides it worked like a charm!  I found your slide show by searching the net and going to index.htm.

Thanks again!!!



Tuesday 18 October 2011


I just want to say thanks for a great site!  I've been dragging my feet on installing a CAC reader on my personal laptop, but my supervisor sent me an email yesterday saying that I had to do it if I wanted to get paid for a set of orders I had outstanding, so I did it.  It took a little bit of reading on my part, but the instructions were simple and went step by step, which is something this computer "idiot" needed. :)




Friday 14 October 2011


CW3 Danberry!  Big fan of your website and all the work you do.  I direct people to it all the time.  I see you are running the CAC resource center for AKO now too.  That's great because it used to be way to hard for the common Soldier to get anything from.  I was seriously thinking about creating a CAC information website back in 2009 to help Soldiers until I found that you had done it already. 




Thursday 13 October 2011


CW3 Danberry,  Just wanted to say thanks for "busting your hump" to put that site together.  I followed your directions and got a CAC reader set up at home on my computer and it has been great to get work done etc. when I'm not at the office / clinic.


I'm no "techy" whatsoever, but you made it easy to do & get it completed.  Too bad everything in the military is not done as well as your site!


Thanks again for helping me and everybody else out for that matter.




Wednesday 12 October 2011


THANK YOU for your site, it is simple to understand and find the solution to problems.




Wednesday 12 October 2011


Chief, awesome work!  I just wanted to inform you what another user already told you.  When enabling the CAC Reader in FFox 7.01 Security Devices, I had to Browse to the location of ActivClient x64 .dll and click 'OK', then I had to remove the patch information from the textbox leaving only the driver filename, and it worked perfectly.




Saturday 8 October 2011


I appreciate your "off duty" service to the men and women of the DoD, as well as your on duty service!




Thursday 6 October 2011


Thank you.  Seems like you put a great deal of time and effort in helping with AKO and CAC.  Your doing a great job and appreciate your hard work.





Wednesday 5 October 2011


Chief, I am emailing you to say, Thank You.  Your PDF instructions were wonderful and I can now access AKO from my PC with my CAC and reader.  Thank you for taking the time to patiently explain what I needed to do to configure my computer for access.




Saturday 1 October 2011


You da bomb Chief!  Thanks for yesterday’s support you provided.

I wanted to see if I could get the CAC reader (SCR 243) on my laptop working.  From the awesome steps you walked me through last night on my desktop, I was able to successfully, and finally, get it to work after years of inactivity.

This site should be posted everywhere!  And it will be where I work!

I know you are a busy person, but wanted (again) to express my sincere appreciation for your support.  I found it very refreshing a "person" is on the other end of the phone with a genuine interest in the caller.  I started my retirement process from home yesterday.  Without your help in getting my card readers and the software working, I would be stuck at work accomplishing my retirement.

As I said, I will inform as many as I can of your website.



Sunday 25 September 2011 

Thank you!  As a reservist, I've found your website to be incredibly helpful.  It seems like my CAC card reader / certificates / web browser craps out about once a month or so.  I've been going to your website every time it's happened and I've always been back in business in a matter of minutes.  Thank you for your service to our troops.



Thursday 22 September 2011


Thanks So Much Sir.  You Rock!  I cannot believe my eyes.




Tuesday 3 September 2011


I'll be on the lookout for your website updates. Thanks again for all you do for us in your spare time. Cheers from S. Korea!




Tuesday 3 September 2011


just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to reply to my question. was able to read though and fix the issue thank you for your time.




Tuesday 6 September 2011


Thanks for the info. I uninstalled and reinstalled the ActivClient software and am now good to go!  I got so much from your site. Thanks for all you do to help computer illiterate people like me. You are AWESOME!!!




Sunday 4 September 2011


I want to thank you for creating a site that assist Mac users. I don't know the clueless expert the military to advise them on online data delivery, but leaving out soldiers that use Mac was a big mistake. Your site has helped me tremendously.




Tuesday 30 August 2011


You are the man - thanks for keeping things up to date with Lion.  Definitely prefer filing my DTS travel vouchers from home with my iMac!



Comment on YouTube page

Friday 26 August 2011

Thank you for this video!  I have not been able to access AKO with my CAC for a while since the IE 9 update until now. Thanks again and keep up the great work!


ET1 WR (Navy)

Thursday 25 August 2011

Awesome! Easy to follow, and worked the first time. I thank you for you help!


Comment on YouTube page

Wednesday 24 August 2011


Chief, thanks for this video, I had problems with signing a Lotus form, this video and others got it working




Tuesday 23 August 2011


Chief, I just want to give you some positive feedback for your excellent CAC site.  Every issue / error I encountered was addressed and resolved.  Thank you for your dedicated service to helping service members maintain AKO connection while using their personal computer.  If you haven't received an award for all you've done...  I for one hereby recommend you for one.  Thanks again. 




Monday 22 August 2011


You should get a metal for your service brother!




Tuesday 16 August 2011


I've been pulling my hair out because my CAC was not working when I logged into the JPAS site.  It worked when I logged in under another domain, but not on my default domain.  My IT people tried everything they could and eventually just created a new blank profile.  That worked, with much frustration over having to re-populate the new profile with all my data, but only for a couple of days, then I was having the same problem all over again.  I found your website and looked through everything and finally decided to try the instructions for "Making AKO work with Internet Explorer."  I went through the instructions step by step.  When it came to the part where you are instructed to try to log on, I did and it didn't work.  So, I continued on as the instructions said.  When I completed ALL of the instructions and tried it again, it worked.  So far it's still working, but I have my suspicions that this process may be something I end up having to repeat, often.  Anyway, I wanted to thank you for your site and the help it was to me, and I'm sure many others.




Tuesday 16 August 2011


After receiving a new CAC (the one without the SSN), my CAC reader did not work (Card Reader Not Detected).  I performed many iterations of uninstall/reinstall, updates, etc but found no remedy.  I called Mike Danberry, he picked up right away, he patiently walked me through a VERY complex process of editing my registry, and presto, I am back in business!!  It's people like Mike who remind us that there are genuinely good people who are willing to help others in need.  Thank you Mike!!!




Monday 15 August 2011

Your website discussion and instructions were BY FAR the most helpful of any we have come across.   Many thanks !



Friday 12 August 2011


Just wanted to say thanks for the support.  I have average computer skills and was able to install my CAC reader as well as Lotus Forms and Approve It.  Your site is easy to follow and I will recommend it for all my troops.




Thursday 11 August 2011


Thanks a million for always coming to my aid. It is working now. Thank you




Thursday 11 August 2011 is a very helpful site



Maj WS (Air National Guard)

Monday 8 August 2011


I was able to find all the answers I needed.  Thanks again for your outstanding page and your quick response.  You provide a better service, on your own time, than the military does.




Monday 8 August 2011


Thank you so much for your time and input on this and for the work and service you provide with this site!



BM2 MJ (father of a Soldier)

Thursday 4 August 2011


My thanks for a terrific and informative site!  I was able to use to get myself up and running on both my PCs and my Macs, and with little fuss.  Frankly, I don't know that I'd have been able to get it done in even half the time without your assistance.



Wednesday 3 August 2011


Hey Michael just want to give you a quick shout and say thanks for your work on  Great resource!




Monday 1 August 2011


Copying the libeay32.dll fixed my problem. Thanks for the help.  This site is a life saver




Sunday 31 July 2011

Dear Chief Danberry,

   Thank you so much for your help in resolving the IE9 certificate problem.  Once the DoD root file was downloaded, I was able to access the military sites I needed (Outlook Web Access, DPS).  I will keep your web address close by, and share it with my civilian colleagues when I return to RAF Lakenheath.  I have already forwarded your site details to our regional IT folks, who originally could only suggest a reinstall of IE8.  Luckily, I pursued the matter further, and discovered your amazing site.  Would like to express my appreciate with a little donation toward the cause.

    Thanks again for your invaluable assistance



Saturday 30 July 2011


You have the best web site and resource web site for these kinds of issues I have ever seen.  Leave it to a Chief Warrant Officer to get things done I always say.




Saturday 30 July 2011


I am a SC Officer, and was working for the top end signal command in Afghanistan.  I introduced your site to my help desk team, and it proved to be very useful, and I am so glad that your solutions worked for our COL's and LTC's email and CAC issues.  The regular Army has virtually no resources for desktop support.



Saturday 30 July 2011


Thanks for getting back to me so soon.  You must be a very busy guy.  You do an absolute fantastic job helping everyone.  I do not see how you can
do it. 




Friday 29 July 2011


Wow, after another try and a full night sleep I resolved the issue in just a few seconds.  Thanks for your website and the great service that you provide!  I don't know how I'd ever have a working personal CAC reader without it (and therefore severely limited in the amount of work I can get done "off duty"). 

Thanks again for the service you provide -- incredibly valuable.  In fact, when we issued out our CAC readers I had a screenshot of your site in a PowerPoint so that my company would know where to go to successfully navigate the chaos.

Great job, thank you!



Friday 29 July 2011


Thanks for all of your help chief!  You epitomize the meaning of helping your fellow Warriors.




Friday 29 July 2011


You and your site do an excellent job



Posting on YouTube page

Thursday 28 July 22011

Sir, thanks a lot! I was ripping my hair out trying to access our SharePoint site here at RDECOM (Aberdeen MD).
Great video!!!



Wednesday 27 July 2011


Just read your tutorial on making AKO work with IE 9. Thanks for writing that. I spent a couple hours researching the problem and found nothing that worked until I saw your presentation.



Capt BH (USMC)

Wednesday 27 July 2011


Thanks again for all the work you guys do to keep the site up to date and all the troubleshooting work you do.  It's great to be able to use my Mac to do the military things I need to do.



Wednesday 27 July 2011

Thank you very much for the "Making AKO and/or other DoD websites work with Internet Explorer" PDF.  I am not a computer guy and found your instructions clear and precise.  Will pass on this info to my friends who years ago gave up on using the CAC reader at the house.  Very much appreciated. 



Wednesday 27 July 2011

Great service you offer, thanks much.  For someone who does this on separate time your come back was fast.



Wednesday 27 July 2011


I just want to personally thank you for your hard work regarding ""  Your efforts went far in making my job less hectic.  If at anytime I can assist you in making your job less hectic, please don't hesitate to ask.  It's my pleasure to be serving with you.




Tuesday 26 July 2011


I just wanted to say thank you for the site.  I use your site everyday for problems and provide this link to many people.  This is the only site that provides assistance and I really appreciate all the hard work that it takes to maintain and the knowledge and links to help people you do not know.  Thank you.




Monday 25 July 2011 is hands down the single best source of joint service advice on installing CAC readers on personally owned computers.  Thanks Chief!




Monday 25 July 2011


Chief, Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into your MilitaryCAC website.  I just updated to Lion and once again, your website gave me the info I needed.  Thanks for the quick update.



Sunday 24 July 2011

I consider myself somewhat of a “super geek” but CAC and AKO related problems drive me to drink sometimes.  Thanks for all you have done to un-muddy the waters.


1st Lt BD (Air Force)

Saturday 23 July 2011


Just wanted to thank you guys for making it so easy to set up my CAC on my Mac. Thanks!




Saturday 23 July 2011


Awesome job on the FREE fix for using the CAC on Lion. Worked like a charm, per your website instructions.




Thursday 21 July 2011


Michael, is a great resource. Thanks so much!




Thursday 21 July 2011


Love the site, very, very helpful!!




Wednesday 20 July 2011


Mr. Danberry, if no one has told you lately, your efforts on this website are outstanding.  You have solved so many problems for me as of lately that I’m compelled to send you a gratuitous message with a hardy virtual slap on the back.  Keep up your outstanding service to hundreds of thousands of service members and DoD Civilians around the world.  




Tuesday 19 July 2011


I can't tell you how many times I refer our folks to your site for help with our government systems and people's personal ones as well. Thank you for your hard work!



Tuesday 28 June 2011


Thank you for preparing this presentation. It was driving me crazy trying to get the CAC and AKO to work together.



MSG DC (via LinkedIn)

 Sunday 28 June 2011


Chief Danberry has been an incredible resource with his information and assistance in the CAC software applications.  I have found him to be a dedicated individual willing to go the extra step with Soldiers.  Chief Danberry has proven on many occasions his professionalism and ability to operate in difficult and challenges areas.




Wednesday 22 June 2011


I am not very computer savvy, but this website made installing a CAC reader very easy!  I will definitely recommend it to my fellow soldiers!  Thank you so much!!!




Sunday 19 June 2011


Thank you for posting the instructions on installing DoD Certificates.  Worked like a charm, after I went through the video and read all the links a few times.




Tuesday 14 June 2011


Thanks for the super fast response.  Also wanted to send you my personal thanks for all the help your site has been in solving all the weird issues that seem to crop up.




Monday 13 June 2011


CW3....your should get an MSM for this site!!!!!!!  After trying several "ideas from others" I found your site and was able to access AKO at home in 1 minute.  Thanks again!




Saturday 11 June 2011


Thank you so much for your assistance.  Everything that you told me in the PDF worked great and everything is working properly now.


AD1 OC (Navy)

7 June 2011

Chief Danberry, Oh man you're truly a genius! I've been working on being able to correct a file association (#7) on my computer for months of how to access NKO. Now I can do my online courses instead of going to my work center on weekends.  Through this it gives me flexibility and be with my family.


CDR TH (Navy)

7 June 2011


Thanks for the quick reply.  I'll see what I can find to upgrade my Mac (Tiger).   Great site!! Great Service!!




Friday 3 June 2011


I felt compelled to write and tell you how stress free you made this task for me.  I am about as computer illiterate as they come, and yet, with your step by step instructions it took me less than 4 hrs to complete on both my desktop and laptop.  That may seem like an eternity to you but believe me, for ME, it was nothing short of a life altering event. Thanks for sharing your technical expertise with those of us that are lacking. Scouts Out, Sir!



Thursday 2 June 2011


This website is the only stop any military member needs to know if they are having concerns with their home CAC readers!




Thursday 2 June 2011


Your site is great and I am grateful the world still has people like yourself that shares great information.



LT JR (Navy)

Tuesday 31 May 2011


Thank you again for your help!!! 




Monday 30 May 2011


Thank you very much for all of your help. You were able to teach my S6 guys a few things about OWA. I'm not sure if you maintain the site for the military or just for yourself, but either way you do a great job.




Saturday 28 May 2011


I just want to say thank you for all your help.  I appreciate it very much



Anonymous user on YouTube page

Thursday 26 May 2011


This was the most helpful video (setting up my CAC with Firefox) that allowed me to access my AKO so easy.




Thursday 19 May 2011


Chief. I used your personal web site yesterday, it was extremely helpful in getting CAC installed on my home PC, I was very impressed with the site.  What a great service.



LCDR FP (Navy)

Wednesday 18 May 2011


Chief...  What a fabulous site!  I can't tell you how much this was needed.  I now feel like I can be fully "in the loop".  This is great work!




Saturday 14 May 2011

I have been struggling to get my CAC reader to work for months now, until I found your PowerPoint slides. I did exactly what you laid out, and now it works. Thank you SO very much.


Posting on You Tube page

Saturday 14 May 2011


Thank you Chief, you have no clue how many hours you saved me.  Thanks a mil!  Seriously, thank you, not to test DCO with Firefox.  Wish I could buy you a beer.




Friday 13 May 2011


Hey Mike, Just so you know, I had an LTC who couldn't digitally sign OERs.  With the help of your website, I squeaked out a solution within an acceptable timeframe, thanks.




Thursday 12 May 2011

I bought the IOGear 201 card reader at the PX and followed your instructions for my Mac (Snow Leopard).  It worked exactly right the first time, and I can now get to my DISA mail through OWA with no issues.  Thanks!



Wednesday 11 May 2011


Your PDF on fixing CAC issues is awesome...fixed a problem with my Windows 7 computer (would recognize my CAC, but would not let me in)...just a note to say, "Thanks!"




Tuesday 10 May 2011


I can now log in with your talented PDF slides.  Sir, I think you need to open your own business if you haven't done so already.  You have a lot of talents and knowledge which helped me just by following the slides by one simple try.  Again Sir, I thank you.




Wednesday 4 May 2011


I had just about given up hope on getting AKO and CAC access to work for me, then I found your website.  I am not sure which tweak worked, but, without your path to troubleshooting I would have given up.  Thank for for your service.




Friday 29 April 2011


The information at this website has been very helpful and has solved every problem I've run into. You're doing a great service!




Wednesday 27 April 2011


Chief:  Between your instructions on and Lotus and ApproveIt install pages, I apparently have stumbled into resolving my problem.  I don't want my head to swell too much, but this is probably the biggest computer success I have accomplished in  a long time.





Wednesday 27 April 2011


CW3 Danberry, thank you so much for this site.  I have found it a great resource.  I do not need to rehash tutorials, step by step, but can instead use your site as an awesome reference.  It can be quite an ordeal, at times, to troubleshoot OWA issues, but with all of the FAQs you have on this site, one can make a short order of troubleshooting the issue.  Thanks so much.




Thursday 21 April 2011


Chief, this is the best site for CAC information that I have ever found.  I send all of my users here for the quick fixes or questions that I can't answer as the S6 OIC.  Your site has saved my 4 points of contact so often.  Thanks




Wednesday 20 April 2011


Hey Chief:  Just wanted to drop a note saying a sincere thank you for maintaining this site and providing clear guidance and instructions.  It is far above any of the resources available on AKO, and I can't even count the number of times I've used it.  So, again, Thanks!




Tuesday19 April 2011

I did a quick g\Google search on how to set up AKO email on outlook and was directed to this PDF:  It was so easy to make everything work, the first time.  Thanks for your expertise Chief, I and many others appreciate all you do.


LCDR KB (Navy)

Tuesday 19 April 2011

My deep appreciation for your handout on enabling home CAC readers.  I was having serious problems and as I will be deploying to Erbil, Iraq in my “day job” this summer I was starting to worry.  It works just fine now thanks to your easy, step-by-step instructions.  I have become a big advocate of your website! 

Thanks, you’re a great American.  My best wishes to you in all your endeavors.


anonymous post on YouTube channel

Tuesday 19 April 2011


Chief, thanks, without this step by step tutorial is like dropping Ray Charles on a land navigation course at night by himself.  Thank you




Sunday 17 April 2011


Phenomenal assistance from Chief Danberry!  He took time out of his evenings and weekends to fix my CAC problems.  Chief Danberry is supremely competent and incredibly professional.  I am so pleased to see this kind of support from the IT side of the house.  Amazing!!



MM (via CAC page on Facebook)

Sunday 17 April 2011


Wow, I wish I would have done this on my home computer years ago.  I am on Terminal Leave and needed your help to get a CAC reader on my home computer to finish an NCOER.  Your website is well designed and easy to follow!  Great work!




Wednesday 13 April 2011


Just wanted to say awesome site.  I'm not a computer guy, but with your videos i got all of em done within a few hours.  You make it very easy!




Sunday 10 April 2011


   Chief, Thanks for the CAC windows 7 fixes you posted on AKO.  That is the most useful thing I found. The AGM guys had nothing, found yours just looking to see if there was an update in the CAC resource center. I will advise my G6 people that it exists as I am sure others could use the info. THANKS again 




Friday 8 April 2011


Chief, I have found your website concerning CAC Card Support to be invaluable over the years.  It's greatly appreciated by this particular grunt / signal guy.  You should be awarded a Bronze Star with a Lightning Bolt Device for your efforts.  Please continue the outstanding work at your leisure of course.




Wednesday 6 April 2011


Thanks for the quick response. You were right on the money with your diagnosis. I went to the website you recommended and bought the PKard software. My Oberthur 5.5 CAC now works with AKO on my Mac, so I am very pleased with it.




Tuesday 5 April 2011

Chief Danberry,  You're the man! Thank you for posting that tutorial to gain access to AKO on the internet, I dunno why I didn't look for it from the beginning when I was first unable to access the site.  But now I can take care of business thanks to your know how and willingness to help NCO's in need like myself. Thanks again!



Friday 1 April 2011

Chief, my computer at work crashed (civilian job), and I had to go through the whole reinstallation process for my CAC reader. I couldn’t have done it w/o your website.



Tuesday 22 March 2011


Great web site for configuring my MAC with the SCR-3310.  Your instructions were perfect.



LS2 AD (US Navy)

Friday 18 March 2011


I have been trying to get my CAC reader to work at home for the past 6 months.  I have called NMCI several times, switched from Windows Vista x64 to Windows 7 x64, been to several help sites, spoke with several people who had the same problem, and could not find a solution until I called Chief Danberry.  I went through all his instructions, and there were a lot of steps that no one else had given me until I read them on  I knew I was close but still could not logon with my CAC so I decided to call.  We spent less then 30 minutes on the phone.  A few steps, a few restarts, and a few more steps, and my CAC finally worked.  Chief has been a tremendous help.  I am glad he's willing to take time in helping others.




Thursday 17 March 2011


Just wanted to thank you for so many answers to the endless questions and problems that you resolve.  I am very grateful as are the countless users I have kept functional because of your help.




Wednesday 16 March 2011


You deserve an MSM for this web site.  I never would have been able to install my CAC reader without it.  Your site is incredible.  Way above and beyond... 




Wednesday 09 March 2011

I wanted to give you a compliment on your straight forward video presentation on how to download the CAC card reader, Lotus Form Viewer and Approve It software.  I had just replaced my home Desktop recently.  I never gave it a thought that the ARMY had changed software for forms.  I had just received an NCOER form and could not open it.  When I called the Unit no one knew what I was referring too, since these items are already loaded on their machines.

 Not only are your video’s excellent, they keep the viewer focused.  I am proud that I accomplished this task on my own with your video.


MAJ DE (Air National Guard)

Wednesday 09 March 2011


I'm sure you get this everyday - but WOW was your site helpful to me.  You covered every possible scenario and issue and the videos for each problem made it so easy.  Thanks for this great service.



Wednesday 09 March 2011


Chief, thank you for your very informative site.  I've used it many times getting my CAC reader working on OS X




Tuesday 08 March 2011


Thanks and you bet, Greatest HELP Site Ever!




Saturday 05 March 2011


I am sure you hear this all the time sir,  but you have a great site. I work for Ciber and run one of the DLS sites.  Your site has helped many many many Soldiers with their issues and has made my knowledge about CAC issues even better... big fan... thanks for what you do sir.


BTW, do you have signs we can post on our wall for sSoldiers? or is it ok for us to do so?  I show almost ever Soldier your site that has any CAC problem, even after I have solved it for them.




Wednesday 02 March 2011


You are providing an excellent resource to the ever-changing AKO world; especially for home users like me




Wednesday 02 March 2011


I just want to thank you for putting this site up.   I'm an M-Day soldier in the WVARNG and we were issued CAC Readers this past weekend at drill. Without your help I would still be a monkey holding a football, so to speak




Tuesday 01 March 2011


Just had to say you're awesome Chief.  This helped fix yet another issue.  Thanks for this outstanding resource.




Tuesday 01 March 2011


Chief, Just wanted to say thank you for your website and all the help you provide us folks out here.  I have not been able to access my AKO for MONTHS from the house; Stumbled across your site, and your help and videos got me up and running in no time.  I was able to check my AKO from the house yesterday for the first time in a very long time!!   

Keep up the great work and thanks again!



Monday 28 February 2011


Tremendous site! I have had nothing but trouble with the home CAC reader. The support from computer systems has not been very helpful. In trying to make everything work the first time I think my computer picked up some malware or programs that clashed with one another. My only choice was to re-install Windows XP and totally wipe the system clean. This got rid of all of the bad stuff, but it also disabled drivers, etc. With your instructions I was able to restore my system and get the CAC to work perfectly.  Your site should be listed as a resource with every computer systems office.  Thanks for the great work.




Monday 28 February 2011


Michael - awesome site! I can't tell you how helpful it has been in setting up many CAC readers.  You truly symbolize the "Quiet Professional."  Excellent resource!




Tuesday 22 February 2011

I received an error referencing the “Null pointer”. I Googled, and hit your page with your solutions. The first cure didn’t solve, but the second worked great!   I have bookmarked your site.


ABH 1(AW) JM (Navy)

Sunday 20 February 2011


CW3 Danberry, you are my hero, yes I have been working this through ever since we chatted last and after uninstalling ActivClient 6.2, deleting cookies and re-installing the government certs that really worked awesome. Very awesome service. Next drill weekend I will be delivering a presentation and printing some of your flyers. Your service is better than anything out there in my book. Thank you, thank you. It all worked awesome....Thanks..  I even got my OWA working too and this has been all all time first, never could get that working in 6 years time.




Sunday 20 February 2011


Just wanted you to know your site is awesome.  I just used it to solve several CAC issues for our BDE laptops.  Hope they are paying you well for this job.  Your site is a life saver.




Saturday 19 February 2011


Chief...  After one week of trying to figure out how to install CAC. You saved the day with a personal phone call. I had been trying for 5 days to install CAC but kept getting error messages. I'm glad your site exists for those who need assistance, it's like having my own IMO at home thanks to you. Great job and Thanks again.




Saturday 12 February 2011


 Thank you for the incredible site!




Tuesday 8 February 2011


Chief, I just wanted to say your guide helped me install my cac card so I can take care of business while I'm TDY. It was so easy and your process was painless.  I just wanted to thank you for providing this information.  It was the easiest of all the "step by steps" out there.



ITC DS (Navy)

Monday 7 February


I just wanted to say thanks...your site really rocks!




Friday 4 February 2011


Sir--thanks for creating this page, it is a wonderful resource! I've used it to set up my home and work computer in under 10 minutes each. I really appreciate the guidance.




Thursday 3 February 2011

Mike, Thanks for your extremely informative posting on AKO regarding CAC card issues with Internet Explorer.  You are a life saver.  Despite a BS in Computer Science (albeit an old degree) I couldn't, for the life of me, get AKO or my OWA to work on my home laptop (running Windows 7).  I had tried everything.  Then I found your training briefing at the CAC Resource Center site on AKO.  I followed your instructions, and everything worked straight away!

Greatly appreciate the time and effort you took to help the masses.



Monday 31 January 2011


This is just a big Thank You for your help and information.  I've used your site often. It's the only one of its kind. You have made my job with my organization 100x easier, which in turn helps MANY DoD Civilians do their jobs to support Soldiers and their Families.  Again, many thanks!



Sunday 30 January 2011


Thanks Chief, that was dead reckoning and straight on point!!! problem solved



MSgt PH (Air Force)

Saturday 29 January 2011


Your website is THE go-to resource; it is light-years ahead of our enterprise engineers.



OS2 AG (Navy)

Thursday 27 January 2011


This is an awesome site, and an awesome person.  Very helpful and knowledgeable.  The people that created a CAC reader probably can not fix as many problems as you can. You're awesome Sir.




Tuesday 25 January 2011


Thanks for everything you do.  I can't imagine how bad things would get without your site.




Tuesday 25 January 2011


I found your Adding AKO directory to Outlook 2010.  It worked great, and is much appreciated




Sunday 16 January 2011

The DoD Certificates linked on your site install faster and easier for non-technically inclined users.  We receive a multitude of calls involving the installation of DoD Certificates, literally on a 24/7 basis.  Manually installing the certificates from takes around 16-18mins per call.  Using your link to install the certificates is running about 2mins, most of the time talking the people through the prompts.  The time savings is incredible.

Thank you for the website.  I have been informing Army CAC users of the site you setup for home CAC  access of AKO.



Sunday 16 January 2011


Yet another thing /arena the Army fails to resource and someone like you has to fill in the gap out of pocket.




Saturday 15 January 2011


Just wanted to comment on the great job you are doing for the betterment of mankind on your own time.  Site has been a help to me already. 



Dr KP (DoD contractor)

Tuesday 11 January 2011


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!  I was able to install and use my CAC on Windows 7 because of you!  If you are ever in FL look me up because I owe you!



YNC SS (Navy)

Tuesday 11 January 2011


Chief, Thank you for creating and maintaining this excellent site.  In my 16 years in the Navy I've learned that the DoD can be relied upon for deploying technology in a slapdash method with little explanation, no user training and then hiding support documentation in obscure places (NKO is completely unseaworthy).  Your site fills a huge gap in the DoD IT community.  I fixed my frustrating CAC problems with the information and links on your site after the .mil resources failed me.  Thanks Shipmate!



Tuesday 11 January 2011


Chief - thanks for a valuable and free service.  You got me set up and I'm located overseas in an area with no military installations.  Keep up the good work. 



LTJG NM (Navy)

Tuesday 11 January 2011


Good videos "Chief Geek"




Monday 10 January 2011

I just wanted to let you know that was a nice article on you in the Army Times. I have used your website a million times and even recommend it to others who need help with CAC issues, both at home and work. Also, I follow the 53 Listserv, so I am familiar with you from there.

 I’m sure we’ll get to meet at some point, just wanted to say well deserved and keep up the good work!!




Saturday 8 January 2011


I greatly appreciate your simple yet comprehensive walk-through for using my CAC reader on my MAC.  I sought out many sites before coming across yours and appreciate your thorough write-up on this topic.  Thank you and keep up the great work.




Thursday 6 January 2011


Many many thanks Chief.  UR D'Man!  I was very frustrated last night.




Wednesday 5 January 2011

Keep up the great work you are doing on this site. It is providing a great service to the DoD community.



Monday 3 January 2011


This is a wonderful site for us, I had some frustrating times to be able to use my CAC reader.  Thank you for the work of the site and best regards.



LT LS (Navy)

Sunday 2 January 2011


Chief, thanks for the help, your PDF guide did the trick for my new laptop / Windows 7 / ActivClient 6.2



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